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HealthChoice applications and contracts

HealthChoice has consolidated the provider contracts into three documents. Effective Jan. 1, 2021, you will choose one of three contracts -Practitioner, Independent Health Organization and Facility. To determine which contract is most appropriate for you, refer to Page 2. 

In addition to the new contracts, HealthChoice has implemented new applications, contained within each contract document. This will substantially reduce the amount of paperwork over utilizing the Uniform Credentialing Application; however, if you have a UCA already completed, you can submit that in lieu of the contract application. The UCA will no longer be available on the HealthChoice website. 

The use of a billing address will be discontinued on all documentation. The mailing address will be utilized for all payments, legal and contractual notices. All notices and documents will be sent electronically, so an email address is required on all documents. 

HealthChoice has also updated the additional office location and change forms. The new forms can be used by all network practitioners, independent health organizations and facilities. 

For the fastest turn around, Network Management encourages you to send your documents to the email address below. To aid in keeping the documents electronic, HealthChoice accepts electronic and a-signatures on all contracts, applications and forms. 

For questions or more information, please contact network management at or call 405-717-8790, toll-free 844-804-2642. TTY users call 711.

Last Modified on Mar 02, 2021
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