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HealthChoice Select

HealthChoice Select is a program designed to reduce the costs of select services by contracting with select medical facilities to provide these services and bill HealthChoice for a single amount for all associated costs on the date the surgery or procedure is performed.

HealthChoice would like your facility to be part of the HealthChoice Select program. 

HealthChoice Select continues to increase the services covered under the program to include more of those with reasonably controllable cost variances, high consumer demand and market growth.

Advantages of participating in HealthChoice Select include: 

  • Procedures covered at 100% of allowable fees.*
  • No copays, coinsurance or deductibles to collect.*
  • Approximately 170,000 HealthChoice members in or near Oklahoma.
  • Potential to increase patient volume.
  • Dedicated provider directory on HealthChoice website.
  • Targeted marketing to HealthChoice members.

*Members of the High Deductible Health Plan must meet their deductible before any benefits, other than for preventive services, are paid by the plan.

Colonoscopies and sigmoidoscopies are covered under the program. To encourage members to participate in HealthChoice Select for these services, HealthChoice provides a $100 incentive payment to members. 

For a list of services and procedures covered under HealthChoice Select, log in to access the Select fee schedule. You can also search for a list of services and procedures available through HealthChoice Select.

Be aware that participating facilities are not required to provide all of the services covered under the program. Facilities can choose any combination of services and opt in or opt out at any time, according to existing contract notification provisions. 

To participate in HealthChoice Select, facilities must agree to and sign the contract amendment listed below for each location choosing to participate. Network management will provide the Attachment A with applicable services upon request. 

For more information about participating in HealthChoice Select, please call network management at 405-717-8790 or toll-free 844-804-2642 or email



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