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Specialty Medication

HealthChoice Medicare Supplement Plans

Specialty medications are usually high-cost medications that require special handling and extensive monitoring. These types of medications are available only in a 30-day supply. For copay or coinsurance information, refer to the HealthChoice Medicare Supplement Plans Handbook.

SilverScript Plans

You must purchase your specialty medications from a HealthChoice SilverScript Network Pharmacy.

Without Part D Plans

You must purchase your specialty medications from the CVS/caremark specialty pharmacy.

The CVS/caremark specialty pharmacy provides free supplies, such as needles and syringes, free shipping, refill reminder calls and personal counseling with a registered nurse or pharmacist. If you do not order your specialty medications through CVS/caremark, you must pay the full cost. For more information, contact the CVS/caremark specialty pharmacy toll-free at 800-237-2767.