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NOTICE: NO changes in SilverScript Network – letter sent in error

Mid-October, some HealthChoice SilverScript Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) members were sent an incorrect letter with their September Explanation of Benefits statement. This letter summarized the benefits and changes for the new plan year for Aetna members only. The changes to the benefits listed in the letter are incorrect for the HealthChoice SilverScript pharmacy plan. This caused confusion for both in network pharmacies and our members. SilverScript will send corrected letters to the HealthChoice members who received this letter in error.

The HealthChoice Medicare supplement plans provide coverage throughout the United States. 

The HealthChoice pharmacy benefit manager is contracted with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to provide Medicare Part D Prescription Drug benefits.  These Part D benefits are available through the HealthChoice SilverScript High and Low Option Medicare Supplement Plans.

If you already have Medicare Part D benefits through your employer, union, or other source, you must enroll in one of the HealthChoice Medicare supplement plans without Part D.

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