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Roof Asset Management Program

The State of Oklahoma Roof Asset Management Program (the Program) is based on continuous improvement principles: delivering quality-roofing design, best value roofing materials and manufacturer qualified installation.  The program saves money and time by:

  • Pre-bid competitive pricing

  • Total design and construction package

  • Qualified assured installation

  • Warranties backed by the manufacturer

The Program provides oversight and recommendation in areas of Consultant Selection and Plan Review for public construction projects that include new roofing and roof replacement.  Construction and Properties (CAP) administers the Design Phase; the Bid Administration Phase, which includes the solicitation for bids, bid openings, bid evaluations and awards of public construction contracts for all projects; and the Construction Administration Phase includes tracking pay applications, warranty documentation and final acceptance.  The Program is a self-supporting non-mandatory service provided to public agencies by utilizing an administration fee for each contract.

The Program provides Manufacturer's Warrantees for ten and twenty-year terms for qualified roofing projects.  These projects use pre-qualified roofing contractors using manufacturer-approved materials.  The Program has delivered over two hundred warranted roof systems to public agencies in the last five years.  Customers include the Oklahoma Military Department, Department of Corrections, Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, City of Edmond and many other public entities.

A critical component of the Program is the Oklahoma Roofing Maintenance Contract. In partnership with the Division of Capital Assets Management, Risk Management Department, the Roofing Maintenance Contract provides competitively bid, line item unit prices for preventative roofing maintenance requirements for state agencies.  The contract establishes set prices for insurance losses and provides an expedient procurement vehicle for agencies to use.  The contract is designed to protect assets while continuing to provide public services with minimal disruption to normal business operations.

State of Oklahoma Roof Maintenance Areas* 

Areas 1 & 3 Areas 2 & 5 Area 4
Universal Roofing & Sheet MetalJimmy GuthriePhone: 405-799-6400Fax: 405-735-3360Email: Contact Oklahoma RoofingFred WhitenerPhone: 405-670-1429Fax: 405-670-6053Email: Ford Roofing & Sheet MetalJeff JungPhone: 580-355-5447Fax: 580-248-6081Email:

CAP Contact Information

To take advantage of the Program, public agencies should refer to the procedures page or call CAP contact listed below.

Phone: 405-521-2112Fax: 405-522-0051Email:

Personal or Common Carrier Delivery Only:Capital Assets ManagementConstruction and PropertiesWill Rogers Building2401 N. Lincoln Blvd., Suite 126Oklahoma City, OK  73105

U.S. Postal Delivery:Capital Assets ManagementConstruction and PropertiesP.O. Box 53448Oklahoma City, OK 73152-3448