74 O.S. § 85.55. Duties of Public Entities - Intent of Legislature

  1. Each state public entity whether or not subject to the Central Purchasing Act shall:
    1. Be subject to the rules promulgated by the Purchasing Division regarding the purchase of recycled products;
    2. Establish management practices in accordance with the provisions of the Oklahoma State Recycling and Recycled Materials Procurement Act; and
    3. Report by November 1 of each year to the Director of Central Services the following:
      1. the total amount of waste paper and other recyclable materials sold during the previous fiscal year,
      2. the amount of procured recycled paper products and other products manufactured with recycled materials, and
      3. the total amount of monies collected and expended to implement the Oklahoma State Recycling and Recycled Materials Procurement Act.
  2. It is the intention of the Legislature that all state public entities and other governmental subdivisions of this state aggressively pursue procurement practices that encourage solid waste reduction and development of markets for recyclable materials and compost and shall, whenever practical, procure products containing recycled materials.