74 O.S. § 85.43. Annual Report of Acquisitions Exceeding Acquisition Threshold

  1. Each chief administrative officer of a state agency shall submit to the State Purchasing Director by November 1 of each year a report listing all acquisitions exceeding the agency’s acquisition threshold amount for the preceding fiscal year and identify the following:
    1. Professional services contracts;
    2. Nonprofessional services contracts;
    3. Sole source and sole brand acquisitions; and
    4. Contracts for the leasing of personal property other than a lease acquisition utilizing a statewide contract.
  2. The report shall contain:
    1. The name of the supplier;
    2. A description of each acquisition;
    3. The purchase price of the acquisition; and
    4. The total amount expended to date for the preceding fiscal year for the acquisition.
  3. The state agency shall additionally submit the report to the State Auditor and Inspector and, upon request, to any member of the Appropriations and Budget Committee of the House of Representatives or Appropriations Committee of the Senate.
  4. The State Auditor and Inspector shall review the report for compliance with statutes and rules or other provisions of law applicable to sole source and sole brand acquisitions.