74 O.S. § 85.41. Contracts for Professional Services - Compliance with Act

  1. A state agency that acquires professional services shall comply with the provisions of this section.
  2. The state agency may evaluate the performance of the professional services provided pursuant to all professional services contracts exceeding the fair and reasonable acquisition threshold amount.  The performance evaluation shall indicate the quality of service or work product of the supplier.  The state agency shall retain the evaluation in the document file the state agency maintains for the acquisition pursuant to Section 85.39 of this title.  If the evaluation indicates deficiencies with the supplier’s work, the state agency shall send a copy of the evaluation to the State Purchasing Director.
  3. If the work product of the contract is a report subject to disclosure under state or federal law or regulation, the state agency shall file the report with the State Librarian and Archivist.
  4. A state agency shall administer, monitor and audit the professional services contract and may be required to report the status of an unfinished professional services contract to the State Purchasing Director.
  5. A professional services contract shall include an audit clause which provides that all items of the supplier that relate to the professional services are subject to examination by the state agency, the State Auditor and Inspector and the State Purchasing Director.
  6. Except for a contract renewal, the final product of the professional services contract is a written proposal, report or study, the professional services contract shall require the supplier to certify that the supplier has not previously provided the state agency or another state agency with a final product that is a substantial duplication of the final product of the proposed contract.