74 O.S. § 85.44B. Payment for Contracted Products or Services - Payment for Acquisition from the Federal Government or Agency

  1. Payment for products or services pursuant to a contract executed by a state agency, whether or not such state agency is subject to the Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act shall be made only after products or services have been accepted as satisfactory.  This section shall not prohibit the payment of membership dues or payment for subscriptions to magazines, periodicals or books or for payment to vendors providing subscription services.
  2. If the State Purchasing Director approves an acquisition from the federal government or agency and determines that the regulations of the federal government or agency handling the acquisition require that partial or full payment be made before the acquisition will be delivered, the State Purchasing Director, upon requisition by the requesting party, shall have a state warrant drawn against the funds of the acquiring state agency payable to the United States of America or its proper agency.  The warrant shall be in such amount as may be necessary to meet the terms and conditions of the acquisition without requiring a certificate showing that the acquisition has actually been delivered to the state agency in whose behalf the purchase is being negotiated.