74 O.S. § 85.17A. State Agencies Shall Reciprocate Bidding Preference – Awarding Contracts

  1. State agencies shall not discriminate against bidders from states or nations outside Oklahoma, except as provided by this section.  State agencies shall reciprocate the bidding preference given by other states or nations to bidders domiciled in their jurisdictions for acquisitions pursuant to the Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act.  The Purchasing Division shall provide to certified procurement officers information regarding the reciprocity provided by other states.  This information shall be used by state agencies in evaluating bids.
  2. For purposes of awarding contracts state agencies shall:
    1. Give preference to goods and services that have been manufactured or produced in this state if the price, fitness, availability and quality are otherwise equal;
    2. Give preference to goods and services from another state over foreign goods or services if goods or services manufactured or produced in this state are not equal in price, fitness, availability or quality; and
    3. Add a percent increase to the bid of a nonresident bidder equal to the percent, if any, of the preference given to the bidder in the state in which the bidder resides.