62 O.S. § 34.20. Additional Powers and Duties of Information Services Division of Office of Management and Enterprise Services

In addition to the powers and duties as defined elsewhere in this title, the Information Services Division of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services shall:
  1. Coordinate statewide planning and approve statewide contracts for communication and telecommunications needs of state agencies, including, but not limited to, voice, data, radio including the interoperable radio communications system for state agencies, video, broadband, Wi-Fi or wireless networking, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Internet, eGovernment, as referenced in Sections 34.24 and 34.25 of this title, and facsimile transmissions through analysis of the telecommunications and information technology plan of each agency;
  2. In coordination with the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security, establish minimum mandatory standards and protocols for:
    1. communication networks and equipment,
    2. wide area and local area systems,
    3. integration of equipment, systems and joint usage,
    4. Internet and eGovernment,
    5. operating systems or methods to be used to meet communications requirements efficiently, effectively, and securely,
    6. rendering of aid between state government and its political subdivisions with respect to organizing of communications systems, and
    7. an economical and cost-effective utilization of communication services.
    The standards and protocols shall be compatible with the standards and protocols established for the Oklahoma Government Telecommunications Network;
  3. Serve as a focal point for all statewide projects and approve all statewide contracts for state agencies involving current communications vendors where the focus of such authority can substantially enhance the state communications plan or the savings which can be achieved thereunder;
  4. Provide, when requested by political subdivisions of the state, for the organizing of communications or telecommunications systems and service between the state and its political subdivisions and enter into agreements to effect the purposes of this section;
  5. Cooperate with any federal, state or local emergency management agency in providing for emergency communications and telecommunication services;
  6. Apply for, receive, and hold, or assist agencies in applying for, receiving or holding such authorizations, licenses and allocations of channels and frequencies to carry out the purposes of this section;
  7. Accomplish such other purposes as may be necessary or incidental to the administration of its authority or functions pursuant to law; and
  8. Provide support for telecommunication networks of state agencies through analysis of the telecommunications needs and requirements of each agency and promotion of the use of the Oklahoma Government Telecommunications Network.