62 O.S. § 34.19. Installation, Maintenance, and Administration of Central Communication or Intercommunication System for State

  1. The Information Services Division of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services is directed, authorized and empowered to enter into contracts for, to establish criteria for and manage the installation, maintenance and administration of a central communication or intercommunication system for and upon behalf of this state. The installation shall fulfill communication or intercommunications requirements of this state and its agencies located in the Capitol and those buildings situated on the Capitol grounds, known as the "Capitol Complex" in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the state-owned building known as the "Tulsa Capitol Building" in Tulsa, Oklahoma, buildings which house state agencies located within four (4) miles of the Capitol Complex, and any location used for the administration of the information technology and telecommunication infrastructure and security for the state.
  2. The Information Services Division shall render a statement of charges at the end of each month to all state agencies to which it has furnished communications services for the direct cost sustained, which shall timely be paid. If the charges are not timely paid by a state agency, the Information Services Division may request the Division of Central Accounting and Reporting of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services to create vouchers and process payments to the Information Services Division against the funds of the delinquent agency. The following provisions shall apply to the charges:
    1. A pro rata formula is to be established in writing after giving consideration to the type of service furnished, the number and kinds of instruments used, the cost of operation and special installations required in each such agency in relation to the total cost of local service. The formula, once determined, is not to be redetermined more often than once every six (6) months nor to be changed after any such redetermination before the expiration of six (6) months; and
    2. The Information Services Division is to be reimbursed by the state or any of its agencies for actual cost incurred for equipment installation or modification or for toll charges for use of telephone, telegraph, teletype, data communications, Internet, eGovernment, as referenced in Sections 34.24 and 34.25 of this title, or other form or forms of communication or intercommunication incurred by the state or by any agency.
  3. No telephone, teletype, switchboard, line, cable system, data communication system, Internet, eGovernment, or systems of communication or intercommunication are to be installed in any building or buildings owned, rented, leased or otherwise held by this state or its agencies at locations described in subsection A of this section without written order of the Chief Information Officer or a designee. Provided, however, that acquisition and installation of such equipment in the Legislature shall be subject to the final approval of the Speaker of the House of Representatives or the President Pro Tempore of the Senate as appropriate.