IT Acquisitions Approval.
An agency's monetary threshold to acquire IT products and services is different than Acquisitions without an IT component:
an agency procuring certain IT products has some approval authority, pursuant to state statutes (62 O.S. § 34.11.1.F; 34.12.B and 35.4) and a corresponding PIM [Delegation of Authority from CIO for Certain IT Products - insert link]. Note, except as customarily included with a product on the Approved Hardware and Software list, an agency's approval authority is not applicable to IT services.
an agency may lease certain IT workstation products from approved suppliers without further procurement approval from OMES. An agency may not rent or lease other IT products with the approval of the CIO.
otherwise, an IT Acquisition requires approval of the CIO (34.11.1.F; 34.19; 34.20.1; 34.21; 34.26; 35.4), which has been delegated internally in OMES Information Services to an extent, to facilitate efficient review and approval. IT contracts for the benefit of a particular agency are executed by the CIO or Information Services staff with delegated authority.