How To Use This Guide

Information Contained in this Guide:
  • entirety of the Central Purchasing Act;
  • other procurement-related statutes in Title 74;
  • IT procurement-related statutes;
  • Oklahoma Correctional Industries procurement-related statute;
  • entirety of OMES procurement-related administrative rules;
  • references to associated PIM’s;
  • summaries of caselaw related to state procurement and
  • summaries of Attorney General opinions related to state procurement.
Structure of this Guide:
  • procurement statutes with hyperlinked cross-references below each statute to associated administrative rules, caselaw, Attorney General opinions and PIM’s;
  • procurement-related administrative rules;
  • caselaw summaries and
  • Attorney General Opinion summaries.
Glossary of Capitalized Terms in this Guide:
Except as listed below, capitalized terms are defined in statutes or rules contained in this Guide.
  1. CIO
    means Chief Information Officer;
  2. IT
    means information technology and telecommunications;
  3. OMES
    means the Office of Management and Enterprise Services;
  4. PIM
    means Procurement Information Memorandums;
  5. RFP
    means Request for Proposal.
To avoid confusion, references to the State Board of Public Affairs or Office of Public Affairs, in caselaw and Attorney General opinions summarized in this Guide, have been changed to the name of the successor agency, OMES, of which the Purchasing Division, (Central Purchasing), is a part.