260:115-11-1. State Purchase Card Program

  1. Use of State Purchase Cards.
    Use of State Purchase Cards authorized by the State Purchasing Director shall be subject to the policies and procedures of the State Purchase Card Program established by the State Purchasing Director to ensure compliance with the statewide contract for this service. [Reference 74 O.S., §85.5]
  2. Condition of participation.
    Conditions of participation in the State Purchase Card Program are:
    1. compliance with the terms of the State Purchase Card Procedures established by the State Purchasing Director;
    2. cardholder execution of the appropriate Purchase Card employee agreement prior to assuming Purchase Card duties and being issued a State P-Card and
    3. successful completion of prescribed initial and ongoing Purchase Card training
  3. Compliance
    Failure to comply with all conditions of participation may result in removal of a state agency and/or employee from the purchase card program by the State Purchasing Director.
  4. Security.
    The state entity that employs the cardholder is responsible for maintaining adequate security of State P-Card account numbers and related information. The cardholder shall ensure the State P-Card is kept in a secure manner and the State P-Card account number on the card is not posted or left in a conspicuous place. Use of any State Purchase Card authorized by the State Purchasing Director is limited to the person whose name is embossed on the card. The card shall not be loaned to another person.
  5. Recordkeeping.
    A receipt shall be obtained for all purchases regardless of the order method. The receipt shall include an itemized and detailed description of the purchase and, at a minimum:
    1. name and location of supplier;
    2. date of purchase;
    3. description of product purchased;
    4. unit price and quantity purchased; and,
    5. transaction total.