260:115-1-2. Definitions

In addition to terms defined in the Purchasing Act, the following words or terms, when used in state procurement shall have the following meaning, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:
"Acquiring agency"
means the state agency authorized to enter into a contract with a supplier, which may or may not be the state agency receiving the acquisition.
"Acquisition authority"
"acquisition threshold"
means the dollar or value amount within which a state agency is approved to make acquisitions without submitting a requisition to the OMES Purchasing Division.
means a written modification to a contract.
“All or none bid”
means a bid in which the bidder states only an award for all items or services included in the acquisition will be accepted.
means a modification a bidder makes to a submitted bid prior to the response due date.
“Alternate bid”
means a bid which contains an intentional substantive variation to a basic provision, specification, term or condition of the acquisition.
means a written change, addition, correction, or revision made by the acquiring agency to procurement documents in connection with a solicitation.
“Authorized signature”
means a manual, electronic or digital signature or other identifier uniquely linked to a person authorized to sign document on behalf of a supplier or acquiring agencys.
"Best and Final Offer"
means a final offer submitted in writing by a bidder, as requested by an acquiring agency.
"Bid bond",
means a form of surety or guaranty that may be required to be submitted with a bid. 
“Business days”
means Monday through Friday and is exclusive of weekends and Oklahoma state holidays.
"Central Purchasing Division"
means the Central Purchasing Division of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services.
“Certified Procurement Officer”
means a state agency procurement official certified by the State Purchasing Director under the provisions of the Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act.
means a bidder’s explanation of all or part of a bid that does not change, alter or supplement the bid.
“Closing date/time”
means the date and Central Time bids are due.
“Commodity classification”
means numeric designations the State Purchasing Director assigns to classify goods and services into similar categories.
“Competitive solicitation”
means an acquisition process bids are submitted to the acquiring agency pursuant to terms, conditions and other requirements of the acquisition and which may be electronic when the terms of the acquisition expressly permits or requires electronic submission and the requirements of applicable statutes and rules are met.
means calendar days unless otherwise specified.
means action taken by the State Purchasing Director to exclude any business entity from inclusion on the Supplier List, bidding, offering to bid, receiving an award of contract with an acquiring agency and which may also result in cancellation of existing contracts with the State of Oklahoma.
"OMES Director"
means the Director of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services or a designee.
“Electronic Signature”
means the execution of a signature as defined in the Electronic Transactions Act.
“Firm bid”
means an offer by a bidder which contains no conditions which may prevent acceptance and which, by its terms, remains open and binding until the acquiring agency accepts or rejects the bid.
"Fiscal year"
means the period of time from July 1 of a calendar year through June 30 of the succeeding calendar year.
means to a proper invoice as defined by the State Comptroller.
“Minor deficiency”
means an immaterial defect in a bid or variation in a bid from the exact requirements of an acquisition that may be corrected or waived without prejudice to other bidders.
means the award of a contract to two or more suppliers to furnish an indefinite quantity or category of item, where more than one supplier is needed to meet the contract requirements for quantity, delivery, service or product compatibility.
means a bid or proposal that has been determined not to conform to essential requirements of an acquisition.
“Oklahoma Correctional Industries”
means a program of the State Department of Corrections for utilization of inmate labor for the manufacture or production of items or products for use by state agencies.
means the Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services.
"Ratification of an unauthorized commitment"
means the act of approving an unauthorized commitment made by a state agency and the written agreement documenting the approval.
means a preference, which the State Purchasing Director or state agency shall apply against the price submitted for an acquisition by an out-of-state bidder whose home state applies a similar preference against Oklahoma bidders.
"Registered supplier"
means an individual or business entity that registers with the OMES Purchasing Division pursuant to 74 O.S. §85.33.
"Requisition number"
means an identifier the acquiring agency assigns to a requisition.
"Requisitioning unit"
means the unit in a state agency responsible for making acquisitions.
"Responsible bidder"
means an individual or business entity demonstrating capabilities in all respects to fully perform the requirements of a contract including, but not limited to, finances, credit history, experience, integrity, perseverance, reliability, capacity, facilities and equipment, and performance history which will ensure good faith performance.
means a bid or proposal that has been determined to conform to the essential requirements of an acquisition.
"Reverse Auctioning"
means a procurement method wherein pre-qualified bidders are invited to bid on specified goods or services through real-time electronic bidding, with the award being made to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. During the bidding process, bidders' price positions are revealed and bidders shall have the opportunity to modify their bid prices for the duration of the time period established by the solicitation.
“State Use Committee”
means the statutory Committee that certifies severely disabled individuals and sheltered workshops as qualified organizations to contract with the state to provide products and services, which are designated in the State Use Committee procurement schedule for state agency acquisitions pursuant to 74 O.S. §§ 3001 et seq.
“Statement of Work”
means a detailed description of the work which a state agency requires a supplier to perform or accomplish.
“Supplier performance evaluation”
means information provided to the State Purchasing Director, in a manner the State Purchasing Director prescribes, that documents the quality of an acquisition.
“Supplier List”
means a list of individuals or business entities that have registered with the OMES Purchasing Division in order to receive notification of solicitations for commodity classifications specified in their registration application.
means an action by the State Purchasing Director to suspend an individual or business entity from being included on the Supplier List, being eligible to submit bids to state agencies and from being awarded a contract by a state agency subject to the Purchasing Act.