260:115-1-1. Purpose and authority

  1. Procurement rules purpose.
    The purpose of this Chapter is to provide information, requirements and procedures for state procurement staff, suppliers and state agencies subject to the Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act, 74 O.S. §§ 85.1 et seq., referred to in this Chapter as the "Purchasing Act", to establish fair and consistent acquisition processes that satisfy the needs of the state. It is the policy of the State to make acquisitions from suppliers through a competitive selection process that is fair, open and objective in order to achieve optimum value, quality and serve the best interest of the taxpayers. All suppliers and state agencies are responsible for knowing the requirements of this Chapter. These rules are administered by the Office of Management and Enterprise Services to provide direction and ensure compliance with the Purchasing Act and other applicable state laws and rules. These rules have been promulgated by the Director of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act and pursuant to the authority of 74 O.S. §85.5., 74 O.S. 85.45s. and 62 O.S. §34.28
  2. Information technology acquisitions.
    Unless otherwise provided by law, state agencies shall make information technology and telecommunications acquisitions in accordance with the Purchasing Act, the Oklahoma State Finance Act [62 O.S.§§34 et seq.], the Information Technology Consolidation and Coordination Act, 62 O.S. §§35.1 et seq., the rules of this chapter, and requirements established by the Chief Information Officer and the OMES Information Services Division.
  3. Official directives.
    The State Purchasing Director or Chief Information Officer, as applicable, shall issue directives, instructions or written communications to state agencies regarding required procurement practices and procedures to ensure compliance with provisions of the Central Purchasing Act, procurement rules and any other matter relating to state agency acquisitions.