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State Certified Facilitator Program

Coming January 2023! The NEW State Certified Facilitator Program. Watch this space!

In an effort to increase the pool of state employees who are qualified to facilitate employee training for their agency and for the state, HCM is now offering a State Certified Facilitator Program.

Employees who participate in this program will be eligible to teach HCM courses for all state employees and teach HCM content at their respective agencies. The skills gained through this program will also lead to better public speaking and meeting facilitation, providing agencies with a strong pool of employees who can represent the agency in many ways.

Employees will gain necessary skills to support their agency and their careers. Also, employees who have permission from their supervisors and agencies can facilitate classes for HCM, giving them an opportunity to practice their skills and broaden their network within the state.

Participants in the State Certified Facilitator Program will complete the following requirements:

  • A 3-day instructor-led course covering:
    • Public speaking skills.
    • Preparing and organizing an audience-appropriate, professional speech.
    • Adult learning principles and facilitating in a learner-focused manner.
    • Experiential learning and learning motivation.
    • Basic Training Evaluation.
    • Debriefing and Questioning Skills.
  • 1 day of auditing and evaluating an HCM course.
  • 1 day of Practicum.
    • Facilitating a course for HCM or agency.

The program will be offered bi-annually for any state employees interested in broadening their facilitation and presentation skills.

For questions or additional information email SLS Training.

Last Modified on Aug 17, 2023
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