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Statewide eProcurement Solution Project

The new Oklahoma Supplier Portal is live! Now, all state suppliers can more easily manage their business details and partnership with the state.

Introducing the new Oklahoma Supplier Portal

The State of Oklahoma to implement a new supplier portal

There’s exciting news about how doing business with the State of Oklahoma is getting easier than ever. The state is launching a new platform designed to help suppliers provide invaluable services to the state and its residents. This project involves contracts, sourcing and better management of the state/supplier relationship.
The new online portal allows suppliers and the state to work closer together – beginning with supplier registration and ultimately leading to more streamlined and transparent services for state suppliers and agencies.

Benefits of this Outstanding Project Include:

  • Eliminating previous manual processes.
  • Ability to bid on new contracts and projects securely and efficiently with a guided online process.
  • Fast and easy self-registration – available on any device with an internet connection and browser.
  • Self-management of organizational and personal information to ensure accuracy.
  • Notification of new bid opportunities and better visibility into the available projects.
  • Closer connection to the State of Oklahoma.

More details will be released in the coming weeks. The portal is expected to launch fall 2022.

We are thrilled to build the future of Oklahoma with you!

Oklahoma is Modernizing Procurement

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Last Modified on Sep 12, 2023
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