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Vision Insurance

  • Vision benefits.
  • Accessing benefits.
  • Choosing a vision provider.

Vision benefits

The vision plans offered through EGID provide routine benefits such as eye exams, frames, lenses and/or contact lenses. Some of the plans also provide discounts for laser vision correction surgery when approved facilities are used.

The vision plans do not cover cataract surgery, glaucoma or injuries to the eye. Eye injuries and diseases, including cataracts and glaucoma, are covered under the employee’s health plan.

An employee will always receive the greatest benefit when using a network provider. All vision plans have limited coverage for services provided by out-of-network providers. Each plan determines its own premiums and copays.

Members should verify their vision provider participates in a vision plan’s network by contacting the plan, visiting the plan’s website or calling their provider. An employee who fails to enroll in vision coverage, or one who elected a plan in error, must wait until the next annual Option Period to make a change.

Most vision plans do not provide an ID card. In general, most plans use the employee’s Social Security number to verify coverage.

A comparison of each plan’s benefits can be found in the Employee Benefit Options Guide, or contact each plan for more details. Refer to the Contact Information section.

Accessing benefits

To access vision plan benefits:

  • The employee must contact their vision care provider and identify themselves as a vision plan member.
  • The employee must provide their Social Security number or vision plan ID card.
  • The vision care provider will then contact the employee’s plan to confirm eligibility and benefits.


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