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Option Period

  • What is Option Period?
  • When is Option Period?
  • Effective date of Option Period changes.
  • Resources for Option Period.
  • EGID Member Services is available to help during option period.
  • Important notice about option period.

What is Option Period?

Option Period is the annual enrollment period when employees can make the following benefit plan elections for the upcoming plan year:

  • Add coverage.
  • Discontinue coverage.
  • Change plans.
  • Apply to add or increase life insurance.

When is Option Period?

Option Period begins in October for most current employees. Web enrollment for Option Period changes is available late September through mid-November. The deadlines for Option Period vary each year.

As the IC, you can enforce your own deadline for Option Period forms to be returned to you. Even after the deadline, you must correct employee or administrative errors within 60 days of notification of the error.

Effective date of Option Period changes

Option Period changes are effective Jan. 1 of each new plan year. One exception is when a member’s Life Insurance Application is delayed for additional information. If this occurs, the effective date of the life insurance is the first day of the month following approval of the application.

Resources for Option Period

  • IC web page.    
  • IC Option Period meetings.
  • Employee Benefit Options Guide.    
  • ESS User Option Period Newsletter.
  • Employee Benefit Options Presentation.    
  • EGID Member Services.

EGID Member Services is available to help during Option Period

Prior to Option Period, member services group management offers training seminars for ICs. You are strongly encouraged to attend training to get the most current information.

If you have questions during Option Period, call member services at 405-717-8780 or toll-free 800-752-9475.

Important notice about Option Period

In the event you receive information for employees of other entities, contact the EGID HIPAA Privacy Officer for instructions on how to handle the data. Send an email to [email protected].


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