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Network Provider Termination

The network provider contract gives EGID and the network provider the ability to terminate a contract with or without cause upon a 30-day written notice. Network providers must send letters of termination by certified mail per the terms of the contract. The return receipt serves as verification the information was received. The actual effective date of the termination is 30 days from the date EGID Network Management receives the termination letter. 

A provider is terminated immediately if their license is suspended or revoked or if their professional liability insurance is cancelled or not maintained in accordance with the network provider contract.

A network provider terminating with or without cause from the HealthChoice network is prevented from recontracting with HealthChoice for a period of 12 months following the effective date of termination, unless exceptional circumstances as determined by EGID Network Management require HealthChoice to execute a new contract. 

Please make a reasonable effort to inform all of your HealthChoice patients about your termination so they can make informed decisions about future provider utilization. 


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