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Leaving Employment

  • Terminating employee coverage.
  • Coverage termination checklist.

Terminating employee coverage

When an employee leaves active employment, you must complete an Insurance Termination Form and terminate the current employee account upon notice. This prevents delays and coverage errors if the employee transfers to another entity that participates with EGID. Always keep a copy of the form on file.

  • Web enrollment users should process the termination online as soon as possible.
  • If you do not use web enrollment, fax or mail the form to EGID.

The insurance termination date is the last month of coverage for which premiums are paid for the employee. This may or may not be the date the employee leaves employment.

  • For state and local government employees, coverage terminates the end of the month the employee last worked.
  • For education employees, the length of the employee’s contract determines the last day of insurance coverage. For example, an employee leaves employment in May, but their contract continues through July. In this instance, the employee’s insurance coverage must continue through the end of July.

NOTE: It is important employees understand that failure to continue insurance when leaving employment results in the loss of eligibility. Late enrollment is not available.

Coverage termination checklist

  • Verify the reason for insurance termination is valid.
  • Print an Insurance Termination Form from the IC webpage.
  • Complete, sign and date the form.
  • Terminate the employee’s coverage online or send the form to EGID.
  • Send the employee a COBRA packet and retirement/vesting information, if applicable.
  • Keep a copy of the form and log the mail date of the COBRA packet in the employee’s file.

Fax or mail termination forms to EGID at:

Mailing Address:
Employees Group Insurance Division
P.O. Box 58010
Oklahoma City, OK  73157-8010

Fax: 405-717-8939
Attention: Member Accounts


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