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  • Web enrollment.
  • Employee enrollment.
  • Midyear enrollment change.
  • Initial enrollment checklist.

Web enrollment

EGID offers a web-based enrollment application called Employer Self-Service. You can make real-time changes to employee coverage, print confirmation statements and print or view both monthly premium bills and estimated future bills.

You must attend a training session and register with EGID to use this valuable tool. If you are interested in attending one of our web enrollment training sessions, please contact web support at 405-717-8707 or toll- free 800-543-6044, ext. 8707 to enroll.

An employee must still complete the proper form even if you use web enrollment. If a review is not required by EGID, keep the form and any midyear change documentation in the employee’s file.

Employee enrollment

The Insurance Enrollment Form is used at initial enrollment for new hires or when a current employee has a midyear qualifying event that allows them to enroll. The employee must list all eligible dependents that are being covered in the Dependent Information section of the form. They must also provide their dependents’ Social Security numbers, with an exception for newborns per the Policies for Newborn Coverage in the Eligibility section. It is important to review the form with new employees and inform them of any benefit allowance provided by your employer. Refer to the Eligibility section for guidelines on coverage elections and effective dates.

Midyear enrollment changes

If an employee is enrolled in coverage through EGID but declined enrollment in certain coverage for themselves and/or their dependents because of other health or group dental, vision or life coverage, they and their dependents can enroll within 30 days of the loss of the other coverage. They must provide proof of the loss and complete an Insurance Change Form within 30 days of the event. Otherwise, they must wait until the next annual Option Period to enroll.

If an employee gains a new dependent, this is also a qualifying event to enroll a dependent midyear. The employee must complete an Insurance Change Form and provide the appropriate documentation, such as:

  • A birth, marriage or death certificate, or divorce decree.
  • A portion of the employee’s latest tax return listing dependents for income tax deduction purposes.
  • Adoption or legal guardianship papers or other court records.
  • A Disabled Dependent Assessment form.
  • An Application for Coverage for Other Dependent Children.

NOTE: The Disabled Dependent Assessment form and Application for Coverage for Other Dependent Children must be approved by EGID.

Initial enrollment checklist

Enrolling an employee as a new hire

  • Confirm the employee is eligible for insurance.
  • From the IC web page, print a current Insurance Enrollment Form and the General Notice of COBRA Continuation Coverage Rights.
  • Complete the Employer Information section of the form and indicate this is a new hire enrollment.
  • The effective date of coverage is normally the first day of the month following the entry-on-duty date or the end of a mandated employer probationary period.
  • Inform the employee of the insurance options offered through your employer.
  • Give the Insurance Enrollment Form and General Notice of COBRA Continuation Coverage Rights to the employee and inform them of your deadline to complete and return the form.
  • Verify the employee has completed and signed the form and confirm elections with the employee.
  • If the employee elects dental or life insurance without electing health insurance, you must obtain proof of other health coverage that is not an excepted benefit. Refer to Excepted Benefits in the Glossary section.
  • Review the back of the form to make sure the employee has completed all required signatures and dates.
  • If the employee elects Supplemental Life in excess of Guaranteed Issue, a life insurance application is required.
  • Sign and date the form in the Insurance Coordinator Signature section.
  • If you use web enrollment, enter the information online.
  • If you do not use web enrollment, make a copy of the front and back of the form and mail the original to EGID, Attn: Member Accounts, P.O. Box 58010, Oklahoma City, OK 73157-8010; or fax to 405-717-8939 or 405-717-8942.
  • Keep a copy of the form in the employee’s file.

The Employee Benefit Options Presentation for new employees is available on the IC webpage.


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