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Administrative Hearing Manager


Basic Purpose

Positions in this job family are responsible for managing the administrative hearing process for an agency.

Typical Functions

The positions within this job family will vary by level, but may include the following:

  • Directly supervises the work of Administrative Hearing Officer III supervisors
  • Plans, organizes and directs the coordination of the docket schedules for hearings
  • Represents the agency on official business at administrative law conferences, seminars and community and employer group presentations
  • Develops legislative plans, drafts legislation and administrative rules regarding the administrative hearing process; develops and implements policies and procedures in accordance with agency needs
  • Reviews select cases to insure that parties are receiving fair hearings and being afforded due process
  • Manages and trains all Administrative Hearing Officers
  • Responds to complaints and inquiries from the public

Level Descriptors

The Administrative Hearing Manager job family consists of only one level with incumbent employees generally responsible for performing all of the essential functions required in managing and supervising an agency’s administrative hearing process. This will include planning, organizing, directing and coordinating the principle operations and major program activity of the complex hearing process.

Level I: Code: E32A Salary Band: O

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required include knowledge of laws, rules, and regulations regarding the specific program assigned; of procedures used in administrative hearings; of due process and the rules of evidence; of agency policies and procedures; of all state and federal legislation related to assigned agency programs; of supervisory principles and practices; and of report writing.  Ability is required to determine complex issues and make independent decisions; to interpret liability, eligibility, and qualification requirements for benefits; to organize data and prepare written legal decisions; to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; to supervise and evaluate personnel and program performance; to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; and to interpret and apply policy material.

Education and Experience requirements consist of two years of experience as a public sector Administrative Hearing Officer including one year in a supervisory capacity.

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