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School for the Deaf athletic champions honored at state Capitol

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma House of Representatives Speaker Charles McCall (Republican–District 22) from Atoka honored a trifecta of championship teams from the Oklahoma School for the Deaf on the House floor Monday, April 8.

The school is located in McCall’s district. He is a frequent visitor and supporter.

The OSD men’s football team was named 2018-2019 co-champions, while the women's basketball and cheer teams are both champions in the Great Plains Schools for the Deaf Conference.

McCall, who was absent to attend a funeral in his district, asked his colleague Majority Floor Leader Jon Echols to introduce the students and read a citation recognizing their achievements.

In a Facebook message posted with a video of the presentation at, McCall wrote, “These young men and women have worked very hard to excel in the classroom and on the playing fields. I am very proud of their accomplishments, and it was truly an honor for all of our members to have them at the Capitol.”

Senator Frank Simpson (Republican-District 14) from Springer stepped out of the Senate session for a photo with the student athletes and acknowledged their presence in the Senate gallery overlooking the Senate floor.

The OSD football team record for 2018-2019 was four wins against Arkansas, Minnesota, Missouri and Kansas and three losses to Louisiana, Mississippi and Life Christian Academy. The team was also conference champions in 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2018.

The football coaches are Lawson Pair, head coach; Jason Sledd and Jimmy Mitchell, assistant coaches; and Chris Reagle, retired assistant coach.

The OSD women's basketball record was 9 wins and 14 losses. In conference play, OSD earned 5 wins and 2 losses against Kansas School for the Deaf and Texas School for the Deaf, which is the Division 1 national championship team. The OSD team also earned conference champions in 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2016.

Women’s coaches are Levi Mathis, head coach, and Deb Ulery, assistant coach.

“Our OSD women beat several teams from public schools with hearing students from the local area and gave several Class B, A and 2A schools in our area a run for their money,” OSD Coach Levi Mathis said.

The OSD cheer team won their championship during the Great Plains Schools for the Deaf basketball and cheer competition. The Oklahoma team also won the championship in 1992, 1997, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2018. No competition was held in 2017.

The cheer coaches are Jennifer Womack, head coach, and Karen Standifer, assistant coach.

Football Roster

Dylan Evans
Dylan Dickson
Haden Denney
Braiden Hilton
Alex Gonzalez
Tyler Manek
Jose Salas
Zackary Key
Roland Potter
Jordan Scism
Dallas Lowry
Parker Simpson
KJ Lokeijak
Pablo Gomez
Tosh Chebultz
Shannon Lewis
Caden Ducharme

Basketball Roster

Miracle Pearson
Emily Cavello
Jacey Pawpa
Shealee Junger
Jasmie Reininger
Kayleah Chebultz
April Pennel
Brook Queen
Nacorra Johnson
Kisharra Belarde

Cheer Roster

Dylan Evans
Miracle Pearson
Emily Cavello
Isaiah Holt
K.J. Lokeijak
Shealee Junger
April Pennel

The House of Representatives honored seniors from Oklahoma School for the Deaf’s championship teams on April 8 (from left): Shealee Junger, Dylan Evans, Dylan Dickson, Miracle Pearson, Haden Denney, Ezra Hart, Isaiah Holt, April Pennel, Emily Cavello and Braiden Hilton.
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