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DRS names new Visual Services administrator

Monday, January 08, 2018

OKLAHOMA CITY – OKLAHOMA CITY – Tracy Brigham from Oklahoma City was appointed administrator of the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services’ Visual Services division, which annually helps more than 1,800 Oklahomans who are blind or visually impaired to reach their goals for employment and independence.

As administrator, Brigham leads staff who provide statewide career counseling, vocational education and training, medical services required to become employable and assistive technology focused to achieve their career goals.

Visual Services’ programs also include the Oklahoma Library for the Blind, which mails free audio books to eligible patrons and provides accessible classroom materials for children and the Business Enterprise Program, which helps owner/operators who are blind operate food services businesses in government buildings. The Older Blind Independent Living Program helps individuals adjust to vision loss and maintain their independence.

“Our priority in Visual Services is always going to be excellent client services -- to get as many individuals who are blind and visually impaired employed as possible,” Brigham explained. “If employment is not their goal, then we help clients become as independent as they can be.

“I don’t think our goal is ever going to change because that’s why we are here,” she added.

Brigham has been employed with DRS for 19 years, most recently as an executive-level project coordinator for special projects and programmatic activities. She had primary responsibility for DRS’ statewide workforce system planning and coordination with the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, which focuses on helping jobseekers find high-quality careers and employers hire and retain skilled workers.

“What I want for my life is no different than what most clients want for theirs,” Brigham said. “I want to be successful. I want to feel like I make a difference. I want to contribute to society, and we (in Visual Services) want our clients to have the opportunities as everyone else.

“Many times when people acquire a disability in their lifetime they don’t know what’s possible, and they don’t know that there are services out there,” she added. “So when they find out about DRS and Visual Services, they are excited because they have hope. I think DRS provides hope for people who didn’t know.”

Brigham has experience as a mental health therapist in the private sector and as an adjunct instructor for Langston University in Oklahoma City.

She earned a master’s of behavioral science degree from Northwestern Oklahoma State University in Alva and holds a Licensed Professional Counselor/Supervisor certification.

Originally born in Covington, she has one daughter, Shaelyn, who is a student at the University of Oklahoma.

In her spare time, Brigham is a Realtor® and is involved in organizations such as Living Water International, which helps communities acquire clean water, and Compassion International, which is a Christian child sponsorship ministry.

The Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services named Tracy Brigham administrator for Visual Services, which annually helps more than 1,800 Oklahomans who are blind or visually impaired to reach their goals for employment and independence.
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