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Transition School to Work - Dream Big, video transcript

( Female Announcer): OK DRS presents, "Dream Big."

Suli: My dreams are to be in the entertainment business.

Robert: My dream is to have me a car,a house, go off to college for business management.

Urooj: To go to college to study graphic design and get a real job.

Christian: Move out of my parents' house and live on my own.

Nathan: Get married some day, have a family.

Emileen: To become a director in the future, go back to school, make a lot of money hopefully.

Michael: My dream is to become a master chef and own my own restaurant.

Katie: I'd like to become a college professor and teach psychology.

(Anncr): What is Transition?

Katie: There's a cool DRS job program called Transition.

Michael: It's only for high school students with disabilities.

Emileen: They help you with a lot. They help you how to do resumes. They help you how to do interviews.

Christian: You get ready for the real world.

Emileen: And figure out what we need to do in life and find where we fit.

Robert: It might be little skills I'm learning, but those skills all add up to something great.

Katie: Transition is about freedom-freedom I get when I work and earn money.

(Anncr): What do you do?

Christian: I enter warrants into the computer and help catch criminals.

Suli: I get to arrange flowers for the country club and that's really exciting.

Nathan: People need important documents and I find them.

Katie: I get to help create audio books for people who have issues with their eyes.

Robert: I'm helping my company make a good first impression.I create business cards, letterheads, notepads.

Emileen: I digitize records so oil fields can have access to them online.

Michael: I'm a cook at Chesapeake and I make the best omelettes in town!

(Anncr): What is the best thing about your job?

Christian: The best part about my job would have to be meeting new people.

Urooj: I fit in, and I'm part of the team.

Robert: I got skills. I got to meet people.

Suli: We get a paycheck. I'm sure everybody enjoys doing that.

Katie: The best thing is not having to explain my issues and just kind of being accepted for it.

Michael: They treat me like everyone else.

Nathan: My boss is really cool and easy to work with.

Emileen: I say my coworkers, because they feel like a family to me. They help you with anything you need.

Katie: If I do something wrong, they help me get it right.

(Anncr): Dream big!

Katie: Are you a high school student with a disability?

Emileen: You have to go out there and figure out, "Where do you go? Where is your place in life?"

Suli: I think everybody should sign up for the DRS program.

Michael: It feels, it feels really great.

Emileen: We're all unique in our own certain way. And just be you.

(Anncr): Call the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services at 1-800-487-4042. Or visit

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Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services.

Urooj Ali,
Suli Hargrave,
Robert Jeffery,
Katie Loman,
Michael Lofties,
Christian Lunow,
Nathan Madison,
and Emileen Pinon

Thanks to: Chesapeake Energy Corporation, Cleveland County Sheriff's Office, Oklahoma Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped and Trochta's Flowers