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Senior Citizens Hearing Aid Project

Overview of Senior Citizens Hearing Aid Project

The Senior Citizens Hearing Aid Program (SCHAP) is administered by the Oklahoma School for the Deaf in the Department of Rehabilitation Services. If your hearing loss qualifies you for a hearing aid, and your application is approved, the SCHAP will provide you with one hearing aid. You can discuss the cost of purchasing a second aid with the audiologist if you choose. The kind of aid you receive (in the ear or behind the ear) will be decided based on the results of the hearing test, and discussion between you and the audiologist.

How to Apply

To apply for the program you must contact our office for the application to complete. You must send verification of your total income to our office.

What to Bring

We are required to have a physical record of your total income in our files. If you currently file income tax with the I.R.S., we need a copy of your return along with verification of any Social Security income. If you do not file with the I.R.S., we need alternative documentation of your income. This must include a copy of a recent bank statement. The SCHAP program has very limited funding, and ends every year with a waiting list of consumers we were unable to serve. Being firm about seeing documentation of income helps us feel confident that we are meeting our responsibility of serving low-income senior citizens. We will not be able to authorize your hearing test until we have all the required documentation.


To qualify for the program you must meet four criteria.

  • Be at least 60 years of age.
  • Be a resident of the State of Oklahoma
  • Be on a limited income.
  • Have a 35 decibel hearing loss in your better ear.
  • One of our audiologists will administer a hearing test and determine your degree of hearing loss.

Senior Citizens Hearing Aid Project

1100 East Oklahoma St.
Sulphur, OK 73086-3108

Office: (580) 622-4913

Last Modified on Dec 15, 2020
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