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TANF State Plan - Appendix B

Mandated Community Service Employment 


The State of Oklahoma opts not to mandate community service employment after adults and minor heads of households have received benefits for two months under the Oklahoma Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program when the person is not otherwise exempt from work requirements or is not engaged in work.  Oklahoma exempts any adult or minor head of household from the work requirement who has a child under the age of one year.  Persons who may be permanently and totally disabled are aided in gaining assistance under other appropriate programs such as the Supplemental Security Income program and vocational rehabilitation services.  It is the intent of the State of Oklahoma to sanction required participants who, otherwise, fail to engage in work as defined by the state by terminating their entire assistance grant until such time as they are willing to cooperate in meeting work requirements.  The State TANF Plan will be amended to reflect this policy as soon as the change has been approved through the processes set forth in the Oklahoma Administrative Procedures Act.

Oklahoma offers community service as a work component for persons who need to gain experience at working before obtaining a job or in areas of the state where employment opportunities are limited.


Signed:  Frank Keating, Governor

Dated:  September 30, 1996

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