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Post Adoption Key Personnel

Jacquelyn Hill-Anderson, MSWProgram Administrator 522-4487Cell 593-6113 Program Information  
Louella Brown, MSWPrograms Manager 521-4266Cell 420-9492 Adoption Assistance
Ronda Priest, LMSW
Programs Field Representative
Cell 637-7452
Post Adoption Record Services, Due Dates and Search Program and Reunion Registry
Roslind Burks, MSW
Programs Field Representative
Cell 250-9599
Finance, Initial Adoption & Tribal Adoption Applications/Private, International Adoptions, Initial Review of DOC, Guardianships, PAS Reports, Policy, IV-E Determination and Training
Renita Farrow
Programs Field Representative
Cell 496-2153
Initial Adoption & Tribal Adoption Applications/Private, International Adoptions,  Guardianships, PAS Reports, Policy and Training
Eddie McVeaTemp-Programs Field Representative 522-1682 Applications
Laura Allen
Temp-Programs Field Representative
522-1681 Program Support Staff
Nancy Jacob, MSW
Child Welfare Specialist Supervisor
522-1607Cell 227-8665 Adoption Assistance
ICAMA: D-Eas, Mccr-Non, Sum-Waltm, Waltn-Zzzz
Amy Ferguson, MBA
Child Welfare Specialist Supervisor
522-8025Cell 698-9029 Adoption Assistance,
ICAMA:  Brane-Carc, Card-Cz, Sem-Sul
Tsai-Chin HarrisonChild Welfare Specialist Supervisor 521-4082
Cell 365-1232
Adoption Assistance
ICAMA: Barng-Brand, Freek-Haq, Noo-Ram
Collette Pendarvis, MSWChild Welfare Specialist Supervisor 522-2058Cell 496-6081 Adoption Assistance
ICAMA:  A-Barnf, Id-Kx,Ky-Mccq
Janae Wondrock, MSW
Child Welfare Specialist Supervisor
521-6034Cell 248-8231 Initial Adoption & Tribal Adoption Applications Adoption Assistance
ICAMA: Eat-Freej, Har-Ic, Ran-Sel
Alethea Satterwhite, CWS II 521-2476
Cell 683-1199
A-Barnf               Field Services Worker Region 2
Monica Goff, MSW
Cell 659-1622
Barng-Brand     Field Services Worker Region 3
Samantha Rusk, CWS III 521-3940Cell 905-8025 Brane-Carc        Field Services Worker Region 5 
Carlie VanWoerkom, CWS II 522-2353
Cell 982-3756
Jessica Burden, CWS III 522-3458
Cell 850-4344
D-Eas                   Field Services Worker Region 4
Briana Anderson, CWS III 522-4056
Cell 401-1824
Eat-Freej            Field Services Worker Region 1
Jamie Parks, CWS II 522-1685
Cell 982-3790
Melody Serrano, CWS II 522-2360
Cell  464-2548
Chrystal Ghoram, CWS II 521-3941
Cell 982-3098
Cruz Holguin, CWS II 522-1969
Cell 982-1615
Doug Denley, CWS II 522-6711Cell 249-8231 Mccr-Non
Elizabeth Edgemon, CWS  II 522-2356 Noo-Ram
Celam Vaughn, CWS  II 522-0331
Cell 982-3074
Alex Clark, CWS II 522-0332
Cell 982-3086
Karina Brazelton, CWS  II 522-5349
Cell 312-7709
LaDetria Broom CW II 522-3726 Waltn-Zzzz
Shelia Milsap, APO I 522-1668
Cell 683-2014
Supervisor Vault Staff,  Lateral Files, Respite, Personnel, Finalized Case Delivery
Anthony Moore, CWA III 522-2350
Cell 982-3130
Lead Worker Vault, Files and Records Management, Mail Distribution, Supplies
Pilar Scott, AT III 522-1679 Scanning Quality Control
LaDonna Mustapher, CWA III 522-1691 Scanning Quality Control
Monique Blakely, AA II 522-2056Cell 534-7293 Administration Lead
Processing of Applications, Agreements, and Finalizations
Natara Young, AA  II 522-2057
Cell 550-7323
Administrative Lead
Processing Applications, Directives and Agreements
Markecia Sanford, CWA III 522-1628
Cell 249-0569
Alonshia Candler, CWA III 522-1655
Cell 227-3895
Processing Applications, Directives and Agreements
Sharese Thomas, CWA III 522-1684
Cell 982-3118
Annual Reviews
Andrea Teague, AT III 522-1667
Cell 437-6528
Search and Reunion, Paternity
Jaya Kiser (999) 522-4487 Applications Review
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