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Frequently Asked Questions

The Mutual Consent Voluntary Registry is a registry established by DHS for adult adoptees and individuals separated from birth family members through termination of parental rights proceedings. It allows these individuals and their birth family relatives to indicate their willingness to have their identity and whereabouts disclosed to one another. If an adoptee and birth family member both register, a "match" between the adoptee and birth family member can result in a reunion. The same applies to individuals and their relatives separated by a termination of parental rights proceeding. 

You may register if you or a relative were placed for adoption in Oklahoma. You may also register if you were separated from birth family members as a result of termination of parental rights proceedings in Oklahoma. If the person you are seeking has also registered with the Mutual Consent Voluntary Registry, you may have access to your relative's name, address and other identifying information if all agree. You can make contact at your own discretion. 

The registry is totally voluntary and you may withdraw your willingness to be reunited with birth family members at any point. DHS will protect your privacy, if you choose not to have contact with birth family members. 

DHS can act as a third party intermediary if you are not comfortable with arranging the reunion yourself. You also need to specify in your notarized registry affidavit whether or not we can release your name, address or phone number, and to which relatives.

Any person 18 years or older who was adopted in Oklahoma and their birth relatives. Also, any person 18 years or older who was separated by termination of parental rights proceedings in Oklahoma and their birth family members. 

Yes. DHS has a Confidential Intermediary Search program that provides search services for eligible persons to locate their birth relatives. There is a $400 fee for the first search and a $200 fee for each additional search. You must be registered on the Mutual Consent Voluntary Registry for six months before requesting a search. The person who is the subject of the search must sign an agreement that they wish to be found. If they do not wish to be found, their identity will not be disclosed. There is no refund for the search fee, regardless of the outcome of the search. 

Complete the Oklahoma Mutual Consent Voluntary Registry form. It must be notarized before you mail it. You must submit one of the following as proof of your identity: 


If you move, it is essential that you notify us of your new address and phone number so we can notify you if a relative contacts DHS. Request the form via email at

Yes. There is a $20 registration fee. The fee must be included with your completed, notarized Oklahoma Mutual Consent Voluntary Registry form. Make your check or money order only payable to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Reunion Registry.