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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get a background check for: 
Child Care | Child Welfare | OKDHS Employees | Private Adoptions 

Private foster care is fostering that is not processed through DHS, this includes private foster care and Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC). These background checks are generally submitted to OBI by private foster agencies, but can also be submitted by individuals.

National FBI results are highly confidential and results will be mailed to the individual applicants. The individual may share their results with others as they choose.

Please note that from the day we receive the hard cards it takes 2-4 weeks to receive results back from OSBI and FBI. Submit requests with enough time to receive results prior to any court dates. 

A private adoption involves the custody of a child, without DHS involvement at the time of the adoption.  

We process and submit your cards to the OSBI cards within days of receiving them in the mail.  It takes OSBI and FBI 2-4 weeks to get results back to us once we have submitted the hard cards for processing

No. The original fingerprint cards are required for processing. A digital copy or photo cannot be processed. 

Fingerprint results are sent directly to the applicant due to the high level of confidentiality. Name based results can be sent to the requesting worker or lawyer. 

Fingerprints get rejected for many reasons, sometimes the ridges are not defined enough, sometimes they are smudged, and sometimes they are too light to read.  If your fingerprints are not accepted by OSBI, you will receive a letter of notifying you of the need to be re-printed. 

If your prints are rejected for a second time you will receive a rejection letter instructing you to go directly to OSBI to be printed. OSBI will fingerprint you and hand you a new set of hard cards; you will then need to mail those new hard cards to OBI for processing. OSBI does not reject the fingerprints they acquire, so you will not have to return to OSBI.

Generally, your local sheriff's department will provide fingerprinting services and fingerprinting hard cards to you. Though you may want to call ahead and verify their willingness to do this. Some municipal police departments may also be willing to provide fingerprinting services. You will need to have two sets of hard cards completed for each individual needing a background check.

OBI can also send you a private background check hard card packet upon request. Email OBI at with your name, address, and the number of individuals needing a private fingerprint based background check.

Two sets of fingerprints cards are required by the OSBI, to ensure a better chance of your fingerprints not being rejected.

You will need to check with your attorney or the judge to get clarification on the type of background check you will need for your case.

When you need a national criminal history background check, the FBI requires that you are fingerprinted for a matching specific reason. This protects your right to the confidentiality of your records. However, DHS does have a duel code for Foster Care/Adoption to reduce the burden on those moving from foster care to adoption. If you feel this may apply to you, please contact OBI and we can research your specific situation.

State statute provides that DHS receive and complete fingerprint based background checks for private adoption, Title 10 O. S. Section 7505-5.3A, as a service to our citizens. However, DHS is not required to complete name based checks for private adoption –but we do offer this service as a convenience. You may seek name based checks directly from the OSBI if you would prefer.

OBI is happy to provide Hard Card Packets to you, or multiple hard card packets for private agencies or attorneys. Please contact OBI by email at with: the number of Hard Card Packets you require, your name, and the address you would like them mailed to.

Of course! Please email or call our office at 405 962-1735 or toll-free at 1-800-347-2276 to check on the status your background check request.