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Office of Background Investigations (OBI)

Name-Based Background Checks - Private Adoptions

Private adoption cases are for any adoption that is not processed through DHS. These are often processed by attorneys or home study providers, but can also be submitted by individuals. 

We are currently trying to update our forms for these requests. In order to ensure you have the latest copy, please request a private adoption packet from our offices. The packet can be emailed, faxed or mailed to you. 

Most private adoption cases require a fingerprint background check. Some cases a name based check can hold in place at a court date to prove progress in the case while waiting on fingerprint results. Please check with your attorney or home study provider to see if this applies to your case. 

What you need:
Name-Based Background Request form ; and 
$20 processing fee, which can be a check or money order made out to the 
Oklahoma Department of Human Services.

The completed form, two cards and processing fee can be sent in to our offices at:
DHS Office of Background Investigations
P.O. Box 268935
OKC, OK 73126 

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