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Office of Background Investigations
 (OBI) - Private adoptions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Private case?

A private case is any case involving the custody of a child not in DHS care, but still needs a background check for their case. 

How long does it take to get results back?

It takes OSBI and FBI 4-6 weeks to get results back to us once we send off the cards. We process and send your cards within a week of receiving them in the mail. 

Can I fax or email my fingerprints?

We require the actual inked fingerprint cards to be sent into our offices. A copy digital or photo cannot be processed. 

Where will the results be sent?

Fingerprint results are sent directly to the applicants due to the high level of confidentiality. Name based results can be sent to the requesting worker or lawyer. 

What if my prints get rejected?

Fingerprints get rejected for many reasons, sometimes the ridges are not defined enough, sometimes they are smudged sometimes they are too light to read.  If your fingerprints are not able to be accepted by OSBI, your worker will receive a letter of notification for you to be reprinted at no additional cost. 

What if my prints keep getting rejected?

If your prints are rejected for a second time your worker will receive a rejection letter instructing them to send you directly to OSBI to be printed. OSBI will give you a new set of cards, that you will then mail back to us to process. 

Where do I go to get fingerprints done?

You can go to any local sheriff's department and tell them what you need to be fingerprinted for and they will provide the cards and get you printed. Be sure and get two sets of your prints. 

Why do I need to send two cards?

Two sets of fingerprints ensure s a better chance of your fingerprints not getting rejected.

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