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Office of Background Investigations (OBI)

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Qualified Entity (QE)? A QE meets the criteria and complies with state and federal laws and policies governing the security and confidentiality of national fingerprint results. These laws and policies are referred to as QE standards. 

What are the QE criteria?

  • A license number has been assigned (applicable to programs only)
  • A QE Application and Agreement form (07LC112E) has been completed by the current owner or responsible entity and submitted to OBI 
  • The individual who signed the form and addendums must have completed the background investigation process, including fingerprinting for access and review, and obtained the OBI-approved access and review training by logging onto CECPD's website (

The QE status has not been terminated 

When does my program or general administrative office need to become a QE? Your program or the program's general administrative office must be a QE before receiving any fingerprint results from OBI for individuals other than the owner or responsible entity who signs the request for license.
How long does it take to get the results?

No more than 5 business days. 

If I have been fingerprinted for the Department of Education, Adoptive/Foster, or Health Department can I use these prints for child care or do I have to be re-printed?
You would have to be re-fingerprinted under the law for child care.                                                              
Can I fax or email the requested documentation? 

Yes you can do either.  Our fax number is 405-522-4167.  Our email is
Why has DHS not received my fingerprint results?                                                   

  • Punctuation error when registering.  Aside from the comma separating the first and last names, there should be no punctuation; this also includes special characters—the most common being # and & in which should always be removed.  The fingerprint technician can do this and there is no need to call MorphoTrust.
  • ORI error.  Applicant picked incorrect ORI/Agency in which fingerprint record should have been received.
  •  Fingerprint record is stuck in OSBI or FBI database.  Contact OBI and provide TCN and date of print so that OBI can investigate issue.

If I was fingerprinted for Child Care and now I need to be fingerprinted for Child Care/Access and Review, could I use the same results?   

No. Reason Codes cannot be altered after registration. 

During registration of a fingerprint appointment an incorrect date of birth or social security number was provided.  I was printed to later find out I was printed with incorrect demographics. What can I do to correct issue?   

The only way to get results with the correct information would be to get re-fingerprinted. You will have to start the process over if you need to the results to have the correct information.  The fee would be the same as the original submission and it would be assigned a new TCN. 

How do I get printed with DHS Mobile Site when I am on IdentoGo website?  Select SPECIAL PRINT and click GO. Two schedules will populate:

  1. To schedule an appointment with the OBI Mobile Fingerprinting Unit, use the bottom schedule. Make an appointment on the appropriate date the OBI Mobile Unit will be visiting your county's DHS Office. 
  2. If you find that there are no available appointments on the day the Mobile Unit will be visiting your county, please call Morpho Trust Customer Service at 1-877-219-0197 (payment is accepted with Morpho Trust) or OBI at 405-962-1735. OBI will not take payments.

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