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Frequently Asked Questions


The Child’s Passport link is found on the OKDHS home page ( under the “Quick Links” section and can also be accessed via

What if I can’t locate information on the child placed in my home?

If an individual has problems or questions regarding the data in the Child’s Passport Report, contact the child’s worker.

Who has access to Child’s Passport?

Only Bridge parents and other selected placement providers can access the Child’s Passport. The information in the Child’s Passport includes only what is provided to OKDHS from OHCA and OSDE.

Why would I need to access the custody child’s medical or educational history placed in my home?

The Child’s Passport was specifically designed to help resource providers for children in the custody of OKDHS and the tribes gain current and updated information regarding the child in their care. The child’s health history is based on SoonerCare claims, educational information and other pertinent information available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week through this website. You may need this information when you enroll the child in school or child care. You may also need to provide this information to the child’s primary care physician, emergency room provider or therapist.

When should I access the Child’s Passport?

The Child’s Passport is a convenient way to access medical and educational information for a child prior to taking the child to a new school, to the physician for a checkup or any other circumstance in which you need the child’s medical and educational history. You should access the Child’s Passport anytime you need it.

What if I do not have a computer?

You may use any public computer, such as a computer available at a local library, to access the Child’s Passport. The Child’s Passport can be printed for reference when taking the child to the doctor. There are some health care providers who like to view the child’s medical services history, and you are the only one who can access this information for them. It is best to check with the health care provider prior to the child’s medical appointment to see if the provider is interested in this information.

Additionally, the child’s worker provides the Placement Provider Information, which contains all known information concerning the child at the time of the placement. The Placement Provider Information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Date of the next court hearing;
  • Contact information for the child’s worker, supervisor and attorney;
  • List of known family/kin;
  • Reasons the child came into care;
  • General behaviors of the child;
  • Medical information; and
  • Disabilities.

What if I do not have a printer?

You still may want to review the child’s medical and education history in the Child’s Passport and take handwritten notes on any information you feel is important or that you may have questions about. Also, you can ask for updated Placement Provider Information to share with the medical provider.

What if the information in the child's passport is incorrect?

Contact the child’s worker and advise the worker of the incorrect information. The worker will need to update the KIDs in order for the information to be corrected.

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