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Developmental Disabilities Services Division
P.O. Box 25352
Oklahoma City, OK  73125
(405) 521-3571 

January 11, 2010

DDSD #10-01

Dear Provider:

It is time once again for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) to honor the volunteers who have donated their time and talent to people with developmental disabilities. Your agency is being asked to nominate those outstanding volunteers. The volunteers who are chosen to receive the awards will be recognized at local and state ceremonies.

February 1, 2010 is the deadline for the nominations.

Please note the special award categories on the attached forms. Be sure to provide detailed information on the forms. Should you nominate an individual or group for one of the special awards, the VOL-A-1 Volunteers Nominations Form must be completed and attached to that special awards form. Send the completed packet to the area contact person that is identified on page 2.

Thank you for your continued support in recognizing those most valued volunteers.


James M. Nicholson, Director
Developmental Disabilities Services Division

Note: For questions regarding the nominations forms or process, please contact Joni Burch at (405) 521-4988 or contact by e-mail.

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