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Therap Implementation FAQ

Over the past several years DDS has searched for a way to modernize our data collections and management processes. DDS then began a competitive bidding process for a replacement to our current Client Contact Manager software. Therap was awarded the bid, and has begun to work with DDS to develop person-centered and data-driven electronic records. This will allow real time access to data and enable effective information exchange and communication at many levels throughout our service delivery system. This system will enable the State of Oklahoma and its contracted providers to work together to provide optimal service to Oklahomans with disabilities.

Our projected GO LIVE date for Therap is in the 2023 Calendar year. More specific information will be available as the implementation process continues.

At the time of the Therap GO LIVE, DDS will offer two possible implementation approaches:

  • All at once - This approach will enable DDS providers to begin utilizing all of the available Therap modules to collect and store data in Therap at the GO LIVE date.
  • Sequenced - This approach will enable DDS providers to begin utilizing Therap modules in a specific sequence over a pre-determined amount of time until the full capacity of Therap modules are attained.

Training and support for both approaches will be the same. The only difference between approaches is the implementation date.

Therap is the chosen service provider for DDS’s official data management system. In order to provide better services to DDS clients, providers will be required to use Therap. OKDHS is resourcing providers with free access to Therap, in addition to grant-funded access to technology and a year of free Wi-Fi. Implementation of this technology will enable DDS to quickly and easily exchange information with our service provider partners throughout the state.

The DDS transition team is currently working with our technology partners at Therap to define how Therap can best be utilized to serve the individuals at all levels of our service delivery system. DDS is working with the provider advisory group in developing possible modules. Please look for surveys and/or emails to provide feedback when requested by DDS.

DDS plans to use Therap for state-funded individuals in a later phase of implementation.

Therap will train the Provider Administrator to assign and manage privileges within individual agencies. This will be included in the first part of training for providers.

DDS will migrate all client data (demographic data) to new accounts.

Discussions are underway considering the use of an aggregator, but no final decision has been made.

DDS believes that by having access to one universal data management system the act of exchanging information during time of transitions will be easier for everyone.

The Therap web site contains the following Hyperlink to minimum hardware and software requirements.

EULA stands for End User License Agreement, which is a contract between a software developer and the user of the software when the software has been purchased by an intermediary. Questions or concerns regarding the EULA should be addressed directly with Therap.

All questions regarding EULAs should be directed to Therap via e-mail at

DDS will provide updates to our contracted providers at the monthly DDS provider meetings. If you or someone that you know of is not aware of the schedule for the monthly DDS provider meeting please contact Susan Beadle at to be added to the e-mail distribution list. DDS also created an Advisory Committee at the request of the providers. This committee will bring questions from providers and information to the providers as needed. This committee has met monthly since February.

The Therap website has an extensive “Help & Support” section which includes overviews, quick guides, training courses, video tutorials, recorded webinars, as well as schedules for upcoming webinars and conferences. Please remember that Therap provides services for others throughout the nation and worldwide, so training content may not be directly applicable to Oklahoma DDS’s process. As Oklahoma’s Therap rollout continues DDS Oklahoma-specific content will be developed and disseminated appropriately.


An Oklahoma Therap One Day Virtual Conference is scheduled August 25th; registration information will be distributed closer to time.

Last Modified on May 26, 2022
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