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Respite - Other Resources

Oklahoma Self-Advocacy Network (OKSAN) A collaborative effort to strengthen the self-advocacy movement in Oklahoma and to increase the inclusion and independence of people with disabilities. 701-2077
Oklahoma Family Support 360 Center Provides support services for families with children that have developmental disabilities or special health care needs, who meet Medicaid eligibility and who are Hispanic and unserved or underserved.  Families receive coordinated and comprehensive access to individualized resources through a Care Coordinator. 271-4511
Oklahoma Autism Network A center of excellence committed to improving quality of life for individuals with autism and their families.  We facilitate and implement Oklahoma's Statewide Autism Plan through research, education, and service while respecting individual preferences and promoting community inclusion. 271-7476.271.7476
Oklahoma Caregiver Coalition The mission of the Oklahoma Caregiver Coalition (OCC) is to improve the supports and experiences over the lifespan of caregivers through education, advocacy, and access to resources. 271-2710
Oklahoma Family Network Focuses on supporting families of children and youth with special needs via emotional support, resource navigation, and ensuring quality healthcare for all children and families through strong and effective family/professional partnerships. 271-5072 or (877) 871-5072 PO Box 21072, Oklahoma City, OK 73156-1072
Sooner Success Supports service providers where they serve & steps into the gaps in communities. We work to address barriers by promoting community capacity and infrastructure spread in communities and at regional and state levels. (405) 271-2710 or 1 (877) 441-0434
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