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Criminal Background Check Information

OKDHS Foster Care and Adoptive Applicants

There is no search fee to the OKDHS child welfare applicant.

How to Obtain a Name-Based Background Check

How to Obtain a Fingerprint-Based Background Check

A child welfare worker gives each person in the home age 18 and older:

  • two fingerprint cards;
  • a Request for Background Check form (04AD003E)  and
  • a Fingerprinting Services Authorization form, if required by county procedures.

Fingerprinting is done by:

  • local law enforcement, or
  • a private fingerprinting vendor, or
  • OKDHS county staff (if a trained person is available).

Applicants take two blank fingerprint cards and the Fingerprinting Services Authorization Form to the fingerprinting location of their choice.

The Fingerprinting Services Authorization form allows reimbursement to the fingerprint vendor of up to $15 per person. 

Fingerprinting vendors who charge a fee, but do not accept the Authorization Form, should not be used.  If OKDHS county staff take the fingerprints, an Authorization Form is not needed.

Fingerprinting vendors who will not provide reprints of rejected fingerprints at no charge should not be used. 

Applicants return the completed fingerprint cards to the worker.  The worker reviews the cards for completeness and signatures. 

Incomplete fingerprint cards cannot be processed and will be returned to the worker.

Fingerprint cards and a completed, signed Request for Background Check form (04AD003E) are submitted to the DHS-CWS Fingerprint Processing Section.

Cards for all members of the same household must be submitted together.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) rejects fingerprint cards if the prints are illegible.  

  • The Fingerprint Processing Section will send a Notification Letter with the rejected fingerprint cards to the worker. The worker advises the applicant to be re-fingerprinted and provides a new set of cards.
  • Applicants takes both the rejected and new cards to the same vendor and requests to be re-fingerprinted at no charge. 
  •  Applicants are not given another Fingerprinting Services Authorization form as OKDHS does not pay for reprints.
  • The applicant returns the reprinted set and the rejected set of fingerprint cards to the worker, who submits them to the Fingerprint Processing Section. The Fingerprint Processing Section submits the reprints and the rejected prints to the OSBI. 
  • If the rejected prints cannot be returned to the Fingerprint Processing Section, submit a note with the new prints explaining why the rejected prints are unavailable; this information will be provided to the OSBI.
  • When submitting reprints, a copy of the rejection letter should be attached.  Another Request for Background Check form is not required unless it has been over a year since the last prints were submitted.
  • Applicants are not to be sent to the OSBI to be fingerprinted without a letter from the Fingerprint Processing Section.

Fingerprint cards and Request for Background Check forms are sent in a sealed manila envelope marked CONFIDENTIAL and addressed to:
    OKDHS CWS Fingerprint Processing Section
    P.O. Box 25352, Oklahoma City, OK  73125

Results of the fingerprint-based search include:

  • FBI (National criminal history search)
  • OSBI (State of Oklahoma criminal history search)
  • Sex Offender Registry Search (Records maintained by the Dept. of Corrections)
  • Department of Public Safety Record Search
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