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Warmline Topic: Behavior, Development and Parenting

Pre-recorded messages on a variety of topics related to child care, health and development are available 24 hours a day. Call the Warmline and speak with an operator if you would like a complete list of the 1,500 topics.

To reach the Child Care Warmline, call 1-888-574-5437Instructions and service information are also provided.

Topic Number Behavior, Development and Parenting
7715 Bedwetting (Enuresis)
1304 Biting in the toddler years
1305 Biting: What to do when a child bites
1306 Biting: Strategies to prevent biting in child care
4841 Building your child's self esteem
4532 Child spacing
1310 Children and sleep: How much is enough?
1308 Children's fears
6713 Children's insecurities
7720 Choosing child care
4310 Development milestones: 4 to 6 years
4327 Development milestones: Birth to 3 years
4843 Discipline and punishment
6722 Family communication
7731 Feet: What is normal for children?
1301 Good byes: Helping children adjust to child care
4844 Helping siblings to get along
5134 How friends buffer stress
5135 Mental exercises for stress management
7743 New baby creates jealousy
7744 Nightmares and night terrors: Why do children have them?
6747 Nightmares and sleep terrors
7747 Parenting roles
7634 Pigeon toe (in-toeing)
5136 Power of a positive attitude
5137 Relaxation techniques
6764 Self esteem
4845 Separation anxiety: Leaving your child with caregiver
7757 Sleep patterns in children
7758 Sleeplessness
6769 Sleepwalking
7759 Speech development in 0-2 year-olds
7760 Speech development in 2-5 year-olds
5138 Stress
5131 Stress: 10 Ways to manage it
7458 Stress: Its effects on the body
4847 Surviving as a single parent
1307 Tantrums
7764 Temper tantrums
7765 Terrible twos
7766 Thumb-sucking
1302 Toddler practicing independence in child care
1303 Toilet learning
7750 Toilet training
7745 What does "no" mean to a toddler?