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Child Care Advisory Committee (CCAC) Minutes - June 10, 2021

Members Present:

Jason Charles

Brittany Lee

Stephanie Lippert

Jaremy Andrews

Tammy Maus

Michelle Stasser

Peggy Byerly

LaDona Elder

Jill Goyette

Kourtney Heard

Katherine Leidy

Lauren Jenks-Jones

Carrie Coppernoll-Jacobs

Harold Jergenson

William Alexander



Members not Present:  


Aimee Ryan

Ari Conner

Audra Haney

Denis Doyen

Gayla Carnagey

Gayla Ham

Kathy Castleberry

Susie Cain

Others Present:

Jennifer Sweet

Janell Wheat

Christy Kastl

Katie Quebedeaux

Shaunda Williams

Lindsey Insomya

Rachel Proper

Jessica (?)

Lorrie Field

Paula Koos

Kristi Simpson

Denise Anderson

Michelle Spears

Sandy Grace

Ashley Ousley

Mindy Yoder

Carole Turner

Susan Case

Constanzia Nizza

Bonnie Clift

Meeting Notices:

·      The Agenda and Meeting Notice were sent 06/02/2021 to The Notice of Change to Regularly Scheduled Meeting was sent 06/02/2021 to Secretary of State.

Call to Order:

·      Jason Charles called meeting to order at 10:05 am

Approval of Minutes:

·      March 17, 2021 minutes approved with correction to:

o   Standing Membership Subcommittee report provided by Gayla Carnagey

Standing Membership Subcommittee Report provided by Peggy Byerly:

·      Members met June 8, 2021

·      In attendance – Peggy Byerly, LaDona Elder, Harold Jergenson, and Gayla Carnagey

o   Peggy will now be co-chair of this subcommittee and will handle membership. Gayla will do new member orientation.

·      Membership updates:

o   William Alexander – term expiring

§  Darla Cheek will now represent Youth Shelters – nomination approved

o   Michelle Stasser – term expiring

§  Keri Laxton will now represent Career Technology Child Care Centers – nomination approved

o   Gayla Ham – term expiring

§  Shaunda Williams will now represent Rural Child Care Centers – nomination approved

o   Jason Charles’ term as chairperson expiring

§  Terri Davis will be new chairperson – nomination approved

o   Michelle Stasser – term as vice-chair expiring

§  LaDona Elder will be new vice-chair – nomination approved

·      Orientation attendance

o   Kourtney Heard

o   Courtni Gouldsby

·      Vacancies

o   Family Child Care Homes – Rural

o   Part-Day Programs

o   Private Partnership

o   State Early Childhood Advisory Council

Standing Subcommittee Reports:

·      Family Child Care Homes Standing Subcommittee

o   No report

·      QRIS Standing Subcommittee

o   No report

·      Child Care Facilities (centers) Standing Subcommittee

o   Tammy Maus provided report

o   We did not meet last quarter, but we have had several calls come in about a few things that the industry is experiencing:

§  The pandemic is causing several issues of concern and one of those is the urgent subsidy issues that we're having and that involves parents obtaining subsidy, not being qualified but being able to actually get it so that they can use it as a product, and then contractual issues getting those contracts out to the programs because it’s not a good business decision to let them come and unless we have the contract, and so some of those people are coming 20-30 days before they ever find out because centers are trying to help them and they may/may not be approved. I did speak with Britney even though that's not her area, she was so gracious to help us. We did send in a survey to her, and we're awaiting a meeting to discuss how we can get some resolution out in the field about that.

§  The other thing is that CCPD has regular industry meetings with LCCAOK and then also with the Oklahoma Child Care Association and we're asking that from this point forward as a timesaver, for state entities as well as those groups, that we ask that those meetings, whether it be from DHS or CCPD, when you meet with one industry group you meet with both, because it will enhance that communication flow to the field which is vitally important, and it also increases transparency. I’m making that a formal request that all three industry groups are included which includes LCCAOK, OCCA and the Family Partnership Alliance.


·      Residential Standing Subcommittee

o   Jason Charles provided report

§  Subcommittee did not met last quarter but hopefully we will have a report at the next meeting

Legislative Update: 

·      Denise Anderson provided report and handout

o   More clarification and guidance will be forthcoming regarding HB 1779

Licensing Sanctions Report:

·      Kristi Simpson provided report and handout

Old Business:

·      No old business

New Business:

·      Tammy Maus

o   I just wanted to ask if DHS can speak to the 200-day review? What the process is going to be? What is the next step and then getting it out and implement it out? And then the second question I have is could you speak to the Early Childhood Clearing house and what's going on with that?

·      Brittany Lee

o   So, I’m still in the 200 days. It will probably be a formal rollout stating what the time has been spent reviewing, looking at the roundtable reviews of regulations - and we're now going into the family childcare homes and so we want to make sure we go through that process, just the same way that we did with the centers. Also, all the things that are coming up with the grants and information, wanting to do an external website. We have a lot of things that we're trying to review and ramp up for Child Care Services so we really haven't decided what that will look like at the end of the day as far as the presentation to the entire industry. I don't know if it'll be a listserv email or if they’ll allow me to do another YouTube video because that was fun, but I don't know if they'll let me keep doing it. I really haven't decided on the format yet.

o   The Clearing House is officially now with OPSR, so that is no longer housed with DHS, they are still in the final stages of moving from under UCO to being their own entity, but now that they have both Mary and Amy in place, they do have enough staff to support the clearing house model. And I will say that the model itself has not changed, they will stay true to what it is erected for which is supposed to be initiatives for early childhood, not necessarily just childcare services, or programs. It's supposed to be for early childhood, it really is supposed to be a model that allows any type of program or people to push ideas that they have for the entire space through this clearing house. I know the biggest question always is going to be, how are these things going to be funded? Well, the first question is, are they actually going to have any projects go through it? So they haven't actually set up the model fully to support an actual program or model or concept to go all the way through the clearing house, so we haven't actually got to the stages where we have to look at as far as what these models will be, are they going to support every program are they going to be supportive of, you know 12 And up, they have not really determined all of that but I do know that it is now in OPSR and still has the same mindset but they are now cultivating it to support their system and their staff so that's kind of where we are with that and they're still ironing out as far as contracts, as far as who’s supporting, are they still under UCO or now are they going to be a nonprofit, that's the stage that they're in. With the clearing house now under them they will be taking over formal communication of what that looks like.

Public Comment

·      Separate document

Next Meetings:

·      Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Meeting adjourned at 10:53 am

Last Modified on Dec 10, 2021
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