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Getting Parents Involved

Parental Involvement

Online Resources on Family Involvement are available from the Harvard Family Research Project. 

Star programs encourage parental involvement by:

  1. Developing written policies and signed contracts.
  2. Designing and using parent handbooks and packets.
  3. Having a newsletter for your home/center.
  4. Welcoming parents into center/home.
  5. Using daily care sheets or some sort of written system for sharing the day’s events.
  6. Having an open house; invite the Fire Marshall, health inspectors, etc., to meet parents.
  7. Holding at least one parent conference yearly, twice a year is better.
  8. Allowing parents to become involved in the program.
  9. Having information available to parents about community resources and make referrals as needed.
  10. Surveying parents
  11. Making home visits
  12. Having coffee available in the mornings.
  13. Having an information board prominently displayed.
  14. Making and keep a parent resource area stocked with pamphlets, articles, parenting tips.
  15. Starting a parent Library for checking out books, toys, and videos.
  16. Having grandparent or special people days.
  17. Planning birthday and holiday celebrations and programs.
  18. Inviting parents on field trips -- the extra arms and eyes are great!
  19. Convening a parent committee to help with fundraising, planning, curriculum, center upkeep, etc.
  20. Inviting parents to share their life or job skills/talents with you and the children.
  21. Making photo books or boards, videotapes, artwork collections, etc.
  22. Having parents and staff bring family photos to post.
  23. Visiting parents at work -- some work places make great field trips!
  24. Offering classes (i.e. behavior and guidance, exercise) and/or invite speakers to your center or home.
  25. Having family potluck dinners, cookouts, picnics, teas, luncheons, breakfasts, garage sales, etc.
  26. Havng parents save and bring supplies (scrap material, cans, plastic bottles, yarn, newspapers, dress up clothes, cardboard boxes, etc.)
  27. Having volunteer days for fixing, painting, yard work, etc.
  28. Holding a garage or yard sale
  29. Sending information home with parents (i.e. SIDS, home safety checklists, fire safety, poison control stickers, etc.)
  30. Helping set up family support groups after hours at the center/home (divorce, death, etc.)
  31. Having parents read books on tape for the children.
  32. Posting lesson plans, daily activities.
  33. Allowing parents to volunteer in the center.
  34. Doing a family of the month poster board.
  35. Having families represent your center or home and participate in community service, like canned food drives.
  36. Having a movie night at the center.
  37. Offering free developmental testing/hearing at center (LINKS).
  38. Having the Caring Van come and do immunizations (a great service for parents and children!)
  39. Having parents plan activities and help with Week of the Young Child.
  40. Holding age specific talks for sharing information by classroom -- for example toilet learning, school readiness. 
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