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Provider Update: February 24, 2015

SECOND REMINDER-Meal Provider Homestyle Direct Exiting ADvantage Program

IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED: Per bulletin sent on August 6th, 2015; Homestyle Direct Meal Provider will be exiting the ADvantageProgram entirely by August 28, 2015 and will no longer be serving ADvantage Members. If your Member is currently receiving meals from Homestyle Direct, they will need to select another meal provider in their county immediately.

If you have not responded to the previous bulletin request, your Member is at risk of having a break in meal service.

Please submit the addendum, per steps below, immediately.

In order to expedite this change, please carefully utilize the following steps to ensure there is no break in meal service:

1. Utilizing the website, select Member’s county and retrieve available meal providers for Member choice.

2. Telephone the Member and relay this information, giving them a choice of meal provider (this will be the Member’s consent to add the selected meal provider to the service plan, via addendum).

3. Record the Member’s choice of meal provider on the usual Service Plan Cost Sheet Addendum 02CB012E (6e1), leaving the begin and end dates blank.

4. You must obtain the Member’s signature on the addendum and an updated Service Team Release 02CB005E (Adv5), during the next scheduled home visit.

5. A completed addendum will be required to be placed in the Member’s chart (for audit purposes).

6. Fax the addendum to the temporarily dedicated fax line # 1-405-230-8030 (this dedicated fax line will only process meal addendums until September 4, 2015).

Thank you.

If you have any questions regarding the information provided above, please feel free to contact us via Smarter Mail at:

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