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​The Oklahoma Grandparents Initiative of the Community Relations Unit was established to create a focal point for information distribution related to grandfamily issues and to provide leadership for development of the annual Grandfamily conference.

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Find out about grandparent support groups?
The number of support groups for grandparents raising grandchildren is increasing in Oklahoma. Many of them offer child care so that both grandparents and their grandchildren have a chance to participate in the group. Support groups can offer: emotional support, guidance, assistance, advice, resources and information.

Get information about services for grandparents raising grandchildren?
A number of services are available to grandparents raising grandchildren (and other relatives serving as parents). To learn about services, resources and to get a manual entitled "Starting Points for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren," contact contact DHS at 1-877-283-4113.

Phone:  (405) 521-2281
Fax:      (405) 521-2086

Mailing Address
50 Northeast 23rd
Oklahoma City, OK  73105


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