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Provider Update: July 21, 2015

CD-PASS Rate Decrease and Revised IBA Worksheet – version 9.1.15

Conversions: ADvantage Administration will complete unit rate conversions on all CD-PASS service lines affected by the anticipated 9/1/15 rate decrease. Case Management providers and PPL will receive notice of the service line changes.

Service Description Service Code Current Rate New Rate
Personal Service Assistant S5125 $3.32 $3.20*
Advanced Personal Service Assistant S5125TF $3.98 $3.84*
Optional Expense T2025 $1.00 $0.97 opo

*Unit rates and Pay rates for CD-PASS Member’s employees are not equivalent. Pay rates are calculated by using the IBA Worksheet and do not have a common maximum pay rate, as it is dependent upon the hours authorized, date ranges, and amount set aside for Optional Expenses.

Revised IBA Worksheet: The revised IBA worksheet, version 9.1.15, is attached to the electronic transmission of this bulletin and is also posted on the PPL website (

NOTE: "IBA Worksheet – 9.1.15" is REQUIRED for use for all CD-PASS services starting

(or amended) on or after 9/1/15. Previous versions of this form will not be accepted.

Member’s Employees’ Pay Rates: This rate change will result in corresponding decreases to pay rates established by Members for their employees, starting on 9/1/15. PPL will provide written notice to each Member and their Employees of the specific effect on individual pay rates. At the time of their next reassessment, Members can re-evaluate their budget and adjust PSA, APSA, and Optional Expense as appropriate to meet their needs.

If you have any questions regarding the information provided above, please feel free to contact us via Smarter Mail at:

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