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August 30, 2011


August 18, 2011

Caprice Tyner CFSD 918-794-7538

Dena Thayer OIRP Programs Administrator 405-521-3631

Nancy Kelly OIRP 405-522-6703


Non-APA WF 11-S

It is very important that you provide your comments regarding the DRAFT COPY of policy by the comment due date. Comments are directed to *

The proposed policy is  Non-APA .  This proposal is not subject to the Administrative Procedures Act

The proposed effective date is September 1, 2011.


Subchapter 1. General Provisions of Child Welfare Services

Part 3. Child Welfare Confidentiality

340:75-1-45 ITS only [AMENDED]

Subchapter 3. Child Protective Services

340:75-3-10.1 ITS only [AMENDED]

Subchapter 6. Permanency Planning

Part 1. General Provisions

340:75-6-1 ITS only [AMENDED]

Part 5. Permanency Planning Services

340:75-6-30 ITS only [AMENDED]

Part 7. Case Plans

340:75-6-40.3 ITS only [AMENDED]

340:75-6-40.6 ITS only [AMENDED]

Part 8. Role of the Child Welfare Worker

340:75-6-48 ITS only [AMENDED]

340:75-6-48.3 ITS only [AMENDED]

Part 11. Permanency Planning and Placement Services

340:75-6-85.3 ITS only [AMENDED]

Part 13. Independent Living

340:75-6-110 ITS only [AMENDED]

Subchapter 7. Foster Home Care

Part 8. Continuous Quality Assessment of a Resource Home

340:75-7-94 ITS only [AMENDED]

Subchapter 15. Adoptions

Part 6. Adoption Process

340:75-15-41.1 ITS only [AMENDED]

Part 14. Post Adoption Services

340:75-15-128.1 ITS only [AMENDED]

340:75-15-128.5 ITS only [AMENDED]


340:75-1-45 ITS are amended to update the procedures for release of records pursuant to a court order.

340:75-3-10.1 ITS are amended to specify the protective services alert process.

340:75-6-1 ITS are issued to direct a case review prior to visitation, placement, reunification, or termination of parental rights recommendations.

340:75-6-30 ITS are amended to: (1) update and restructure language related to parent-child visitation; (2) clarify that court-ordered visitation is not suspended or terminated by OKDHS; (3) require contact between siblings a minimum of once every four weeks until the siblings are reunited or the permanency plan is achieved; and (4) specify the procedure used when sibling contact is not feasible.

340:75-6-40.3 ITS are amended to: (1) update sentence structure; (2)clarify when to complete a family or child only family functional assessment; and (3) update and clarify procedures for pregnancy and newborns in an open or closed permanency planning case.

340:75-6-40.6 ITS are amended to update:(1) sentence structure; and (2) time requirements for entering contact information.

340:75-6-48 ITS are amended to: (1) update sentence structure; (2) update the contact alternative process; and (3) include Youth Services shelter host homes in the contact requirements; and (4) detail additional shelter or host home liaison duties.

340:75-6-48.3 ITS are amended to update sentence structure and procedures related to runaway or abducted children in OKDHS custody or under OKDHS supervision.

340:75-6-85.3 ITS are amended to update and detail procedures related to sibling placement and sibling placement review

340:75-6-110 ITS are amended to update: (1) sentence structure; (2) the basic life skills assessment process; and (3) medical eligibility process for youth between 18 and 21 years of age in voluntary placement.

340:75-7-94 ITS are amended to: (1) update sentence structure; (2) clarify that Form 04AF029E, Bridge Resource Family Re-assessment Guide, is used to obtain the information needed to complete Form 04AF030E, Bridge Family Re-assessment; and (3) require that Form 04FC034E, Bridge Resource Family Personal Reference Letter Annual Re-assessment, is sent to three references provided by the Bridge resource parent.

340:75-15-41.1, 340:75-15-128.1, and 340:75-15-128.5 ITS are amended to update sentence structure.

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