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OKDHS:2-15-1.1. Responding to work-related illnesses and accidents with injuries

Issued 9-15-07

(a) Medical assistance.

  • (1) When an employee sustains a work-related illness or injury, the employee's supervisor ensures that prompt medical treatment is authorized for the employee who requires more than the first aid available at the workplace.  The employee may see any medical professional of choice on the first visit for treatment.  The employee is responsible to inform the medical professional that Workers' Compensation (WC) may cover the claim.
  • (2) The employee is authorized for subsequent medical treatment through the Certified Workplace Medical Plan (CWMP).  The CWMP contracts with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) to provide medical management to an employee who has filed a WC claim.
    • (A) The employee's supervisor or designee notifies the OKDHS Support Services Division (SSD) Risk and Safety Management Unit risk manager of the need for additional treatment.
    • (B) The employee is directed to the authorized treatment provider and given a medical authorization form provided to OKDHS by CWMP.

(b) Reporting requirements.

  • (1) An employee who sustains a work-related illness or injury while acting within the scope of employment is required to report the work-related illness or injury to his or her supervisor immediately after the accident occurs or the work-related illness is known, unless incapacitated.
    • (A) The employee completes:
      • (i) Form 23RS046E, Employee's Report of Job-Related Accidental Injury or Illness, in all instances of work-related illness or injury.  The employee must sign Page three of this form or it will be returned for signature; and
      • (ii) Form 23RS113E, Leave Option Election Work-related Accident/Illness.
    • (B) If the employee does not seek medical treatment for the illness/injury it is treated as an information only report and no WC claim is filed.
  • (2) In the event an employee fails to either complete Form 23RS046E or seek medical treatment within 30 days of the date of a work-related illness or injury, OKDHS presumes  that the claim is not work-related.

(c) Investigating accidents.  All accidents are investigated first by the employee's supervisor and then by the SSD Risk and Safety Management Unit.  The employee's supervisor or designee:

  • (1) files the claim within 24 hours, or by the next business day, by telephone to the insurance carrier, CompSource Oklahoma at 1-800-872-7015;
  • (2) completes:
    • (A) an immediate initial investigation of the claim by interviewing the injured worker and any witnesses; and
    • (B) Form 23RS047E, Supervisory Report and Review of Job-Related Accidental Injury or Illness, obtaining written signed statements from witnesses; and
  • (3) faxes the completed Forms 23RS046E, 23RS047E, and 23RS113E, to SSD Risk and Safety Management Unit for further review and claim investigation.  Original forms and documents are sent by mail to the SSD Risk and Safety Management Unit, and copies are maintained at the workplace in a location separate from the employee's personnel file.
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