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Library: Policy

OKDHS:2-1-150. General provisions and scope of grievance procedure

Revised 6-15-11

(a) General.  As prescribed by the Oklahoma Merit Protection Commission [Merit Rule OAC 455:10-19 et seq.], the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) Grievance Program procedures contain minimum requirements which:

  • (1) encourage resolution of disputes quickly, informally, and at the lowest possible level;

  • (2) require prompt resolution of grievances within established time periods;

  • (3) guarantee that an employee has the right to be represented by a person of his or her choice at each step of the procedure, except the initial informal discussion with the immediate supervisor; and

  • (4) reflect the name, address, and telephone number of the person(s) designated to receive and process formal grievances.

(b) Scope.  The OKDHS Grievance Program is available to all probationary and permanent classified and unclassified employees.  Temporary employees are excluded.

(c) Retaliation.

  • (1) An employee is not disciplined or otherwise prejudiced in his or her employment for exercising his or her rights under the OKDHS Grievance Program.

  • (2) An employee who believes retaliation has occurred may file a petition for appeal with the Oklahoma Merit Protection Commission.

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